Independent folk singer / songwriter writing independent music.

Way beyond us cover

Nothing predestined me to dedicate a passion to music, yet it has never left me for almost 20 years. The discovery of bands such as Rise Against, Nofx, Architects or Gojira naturally led me to play bass and guitar in bands evolving in a punk-rock, hardcore or metal scene (Give Me Aide, This Life, Living For Today, Worth the wait…).
This allowed me to multiply concerts, rewarding human and musical experiences.
Over the years, the will to tie up with a more muffled and purified atmosphere appeared, particularly after having discovered artists like City & Colour, Rocky Votolato, Tim McIlrath…
From there were born my first songs with as only companions: my guitar and my voice.
Several years will be necessary for me to decide to share my melancholic universe and my personal and intimist texts, here we are.

djem, that’s how my relatives call me, it’s naturally the name I chose for my solo project. See you soon!